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Merck Manuals wanted to spread information about the many topics on its Quick Facts pages in a more digestible, interesting way to consumers. More specifically, Merck Manuals wanted to reach people who worry that they or a family member are sick and scour the web for information about symptoms, causes, and remedies.


To alleviate concerns about medical content being too graphic, we took a purely illustrated approach. We brought the words on Merck Manuals’ Quick Facts pages to life by pairing them with bold, easy-to-understand illustrations. Then, we added a human element through voiceover that had an educational and authoritative, yet approachable tone. We leveraged search data and SEO terms when choosing topics, copy, and headlines to ensure that our series would be among the first to pop up when someone searches a medical condition, giving them the most accurate and relevant information. The consistency of the visual style across the series keeps it tied to the Merck Manuals brand and helps to further Merck Manuals’ mission to make the best current medical information available to everyone.


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