Giant Food On Your Plate


Giant Food was interested in spreading awareness of their Healthy Living program by spotlighting their in-store nutritionists. We had featured them alone in content before, but with community being a key focus for the brand, it was important to showcase the true 1-1 impact they have on customers. During this same time period, the Giant Delivers ecommerce platform was rolling out, and Giant wanted to use that as an additional tool to help make their customers’ lives easier.


The DMV area consists of a wide range of lifestyles (students, young professionals, families, etc.) that each come with a unique set of challenges. Whether it’s diet-based, time-based, or budget-based, we knew we could use the nutritionists as thought leaders to help solve these locals’ problems via solutions available at Giant. To do so, we created a long-form video series, On Your Plate, where we provided tips, tricks, and inspiration to real people in the community with the added bonus of shoppable recipes they (and our social followers) could add to the cart in just a few clicks.


This campaign was our biggest media push to date into social-first, long-form episodic video, and we drove great results, with 5.2 million views (and counting!) at CPVs near or below benchmark and more than 90,000 hours of watch time. This also set the standard for how long-form videos should be distributed and promoted for the brand in the future.

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