Grubhub Philly Canvas Ad


Grubhub wanted to raise brand awareness in Philadelphia. Its primary goal was engagement, with a secondary goal of driving business through orders and new diners.


We recommended using Facebook due to its local targeting capabilities and because the platform allows ads to be optimized for engagement and conversions, with proven success in both areas. For creative format, we selected Facebook Canvas (now Instant Experience), since Canvases provide the experience of a mini microsite and provide more creative freedom.

Our creative team drew a map of Philadelphia, with illustrations denoting landmarks and photos of food denoting premium Grubhub restaurants. The map was comprised of three cohesive “tilt-to-pan” videos, using the format in a way we’d never seen before. Our hope was that the innovative format would compel people to spend time with the brand, navigate the restaurant options in their city, then click out and place an order on the carousel at the bottom.

We placed the ad in Grubhub’s target zip codes, honing in on the specific audience it wanted to reach. We drove more orders by retargeting a link post at users who viewed the Canvas and kept that list as a custom audience for future Philadelphia content.


• 33s average dwell time

• 12% of viewers placed order in Canvas

• 70% decrease in cost per order on remarketing link post

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