Lysol Teddy Repair Campaign


Lysol came to us looking to arm moms and parents nationwide with the key tool they need to clean and sanitize their children’s most treasured stuffed animals (lovvies) and bring them back to life.


Together, we leveraged an army of influencer moms to showcase their experience getting their lovvie cleaned, positioning Lysol’s Laundry Sanitizer as the hero product. We shortlisted over 50 influencers following very specific talent criteria (moms with kids over 3 years old that have well-loved stuffed animals in need of real TLC, diverse family backgrounds, based in the Midwest or the South, just to name a few).

After selecting 26 influencers and their kids to participate, they showed their lovvies the TLC they deserve via a robust custom content campaign across Instagram that ultimately drove mass awareness and sales for Lysol’s laundry detergent.


136% above engagement rate benchmark

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