Influencer Marketing

There are many ways to harness the power of influence. That’s why we have a full team devoted to it.

  • Campaigns

    Influencer marketing grows in size every year. Why? Because marketers know that in an increasingly fragmented media environment, influence works. Our seasoned team can find the perfect influencers for your brand and create a campaign that impacts their followers and your business.

  • Coaching

    Your leadership team is your secret weapon. On social, they are public ambassadors who can build your brand’s reputation with customers and potential recruits. Our chairman Dave Kerpen, one of the most popular writers in LinkedIn’s Influencer program, can train your company’s executives to establish genuine influence.

  • Consulting

    Creating content that resonates starts with understanding your customers. We’ll connect you with influencers who can consult behind the scenes or take center stage in your content.

“Influence is a vital social currency in today’s connected world. Thanks to Likeable’s coaching program, I was able to successfully grow my social media audience, build a strong personal brand, and establish myself as a digital thought leader.”

— Justin Udy, leading real estate agent, Century 21 Real Estate

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