Paid Media

Paid and creative are usually separated. At Likeable, we work arm in arm.

  • Planning

    A successful campaign hinges on good planning. Before we launch, our paid specialists work with creative to plot out the consumer journey across channels, size out the audiences, and align content with each platform’s strengths. The result is a media plan that perfectly complements your creative strategy.

  • Placement

    Our paid team can go from plan to launch in under two days, and optimization begins as soon as we have adequate data. Throughout each ad’s flight, we monitor performance and tweak our approach as necessary. This allows us to be nimble and capture the strongest possible media performance.

  • Reporting

    Social campaigns generate a ton of data, but the mountains of numbers and figures sometimes bury what matters. We tailor our reports to your needs, which means we measure what your brand needs to measure, as often as you need it measured, in whatever format best suits your team. This includes not only data but analysis and thoughts on how best to act on it.

“I’ve been highly impressed with the skill and creativity of the Likeable team. With the help of their creative and paid social teams, our presence on social media has reached a much higher orbit.”

— Paul Gottsegen, EVP, Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer Head at Mindtree Americas

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