May 31, 2012

Celebrating Your Community

Whether it is approaching a milestone with your community online or you simply want to let your fans and followers know that they are appreciated, there are many different ways to celebrate. Online communities are the ones who look to you for information on your brand or company, and therefore would like to applaud any positive feedback. While giveaways are the typical “go-to” solution for thanking your community, there are other ways to acknowledge those who support you online. Here are a few ideas and tips for recognizing your community:

Why you’re celebrating!

The reasons to thank everyone who follows along with your brand and company should be endless, but there are a few key milestones to take special notice of. After any “Like” or follower goal is achieved, you need to let everyone know! Whether your newest goal of 5,000 or 500,000 “Likes” is finally on the horizon, you can alert your community. This will make them feel like an insider with information on your brand, and it may also push you to those last few numbers you needed.

What your celebration should say:

While making your community aware that a milestone is close or encouraging your fans for being online ambassadors, you need to remind them who the reason behind all of the celebration is. It’s your COMMUNITY. Posts that express your success while maintaining that none of this would be possible without supporters is a wonderful way to share, and will encourage your community to interact further and enhance the conversation around you.

How to celebrate:

Although some pages on Facebook or Twitter have the resources to give out tons of coupons and prizes during a celebration, some pages have to turn to other ideas. Contests are a fun way to encourage your community to submit their ideas and only need to have ONE winner to give a prize too. Everyone will feel included in a contest, but the costs won’ be as high! Starting a “Brand Ambassador” program will also be a great way to select certain people in your community to be given insider information with their promise for feedback. This shows that you not only trust your community but are now open to their opinions and ideas.

No matter which way you celebrate, just remember that it truly is the conversation that is pushing your online fan base to expand!

What milestones have you celebrated online recently? How did you celebrate with your community?

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