March 9, 2012

Facebook Premium Ads: What, Where & Why?

“We are evolving from advertising to stories,” Mike Hoefflinger, Facebook’s customer marketing director, said. “Ads are good, but stories are better.”

What Are Facebook Premium Ads?

Facebook premium ads are born from the content or stories you publish from your business page. These ads can be seen by fans, friends of fans, and targeted non-fans.

The most powerful element to these ads is the social context from your friends (when available). If the person viewing the premium ad has friends connected to this brand’s Page, Facebook will expand the ad to include a line that shows which friend(s) “like” the page. This mixes the brand’s voice with a friend’s voice to enhance perceived relevancy and trust.

Where are premium ads?

Other than the right column, where Facebook has traditionally allowed advertisers, premium ads have a few new locations:


The newsfeed has long been the prime real estate for Facebook content. Facebook’s edgerank has always ultimately decided what will show up in a user’s newsfeed. Now, a premium ad can show up in a fan’s newsfeed if one of his friends has engaged with that content.


Premium ads will now show up on mobile devices. This will finally unlock the vast mobile Facebook market to advertisers.

Log-Out Experience

When you log out of Facebook, brands can now have the opportunity to leave an impression on users.

Why are these ads for my business?

Facebook premium ads are designed for large brands that are beyond the growing phase. For these brands with over 100K fans, the challenge has always been engaging and monetizing these large communities. With the average brand only reaching 16% of its audience, premium ad’s new tool, reach generator, will allow your content to penetrate over 80% of your audience.

Unfortunately, the high cost for these premium services creates a high barrier for SMBs to experiment with these ads.

User nightmare?

We will have to see how users react to the increase in advertising in their Facebook experience. As always, magnetic content is the key for brands’ success. If the content is great, premium ads will have amazing results. If the content is weak, premium ads will be a waste of time and users will start to unsubscribe (not good).

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