August 12, 2013

3 Reasons Why Your Brand Should Turn Up The Volume On Spotify

Music is everywhere. It inspires, it triggers emotions, and it connects people. Sounds like the checklist for your next great campaign, doesn’t it? It’s for this very reason that brands are turning to Spotify, the world’s largest music streaming service, to add a different dimension to their campaigns.

Spotify launched in the United States in 2011 and now boasts over 24 million users worldwide. Roughly a quarter of these are paying subscribers, providing a solid base of users who are frequently engaged. Spotify is changing the way people discover music and, as evidenced by the new recommended playlist feature released on iOS and Android devices last week, is continuously looking to evolve. In turn, brands must evolve and find new ways to engage their audiences. With Facebook integration, newly-launched brand apps, and a catalog of over 20 million songs, Spotify provides a platform to create original experiences that people are able to distinguish from the clutter.

The following is a look at the ways brands are using Spotify effectively:

1. Unique Brand Experiences

Brands can effectively engage consumers by creating memorable experiences that can be shared across multiple social networks and live on long after the campaign expires. Take Reebok’s FitList for example. Users can select what fitness exercise they are participating in, their desired intensity, and the duration of the activity. The app then curates a custom playlist based on all of these factors. Reebok in turn becomes more than just the shoes you’re wearing; it becomes an omnipresent workout companion, forging a deeper relationship with the consumer and providing a fully encompassing brand experience.

2. Brand Personality

Fashion and music go hand in hand. To celebrate the opening of its flagship store on Madison Avenue in New York City, designer label Emporio Armani created the playlist #EmporioArmaniLive. The music featured on the soundtrack set the direction for the new campaign (“sexy” and “edgy”), giving consumers a strong idea of what to expect of the store and the clothes. In addition to this, musicians featured on the playlist (including The Drums and Ladyhawke) played their songs live at the event. This integration taps right into the target consumer and creates positive associations with the brand through music.

3. Product Promotion

In 2012 video game developer 2K Sports teamed up with Jay Z to produce the soundtrack for the highly-successful NBA 2K13 game. This year, it handed those duties to reigning NBA MVP LeBron James. In the lead-up to the release of NBA 2K14 in October, potential customers can hear LeBron’s mix through a curated playlist on Spotify. This connects people with the 2K Sports brand in a new and innovative way, promoting the new product, while also providing added value to the consumer.


Tags: Content Marketing, Facebook, Niche Networks

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