January 7, 2013

3 Tips To Land a Job With Social Media

We all know the struggles of securing a job, especially when you aren’t currently employed. But with the openness of the internet and availability of connections, the job hunt can be made easier if you present yourself well and network appropriately. Getting started is simple and you’ll be well on your way to landing your “dream” job by the end of the day — who knows, it could even be with Likeable!

Optimize Your Profiles

If you are looking for a job you probably already have your resume in a PDF and have found all the right websites for job listings. But just as important as these things is having your profiles on the major social networks updated and optimized for the job search. For many jobs (Likeable included) employers may even ask for a link to your profile in the application or interview process. Don’t be afraid, be proactive!

LinkedIn: This is your extended resume!

  • Do you have a picture? If not, make sure you have one that represents yourself in a professional manner!
  • Reach out to relevant connections for recommendations. Don’t just ask your superiors at previous jobs, but ask your peers and reports. This can show how well rounded you are.
  • Have you listed all of your accomplishments and skills? Sometimes better than finding the right job is being found for the right job! LinkedIn Recruiter allows companies to look for specific skills and past positions. Make sure you list so that you can be indexed!
  • Endorsements are a great way to easily gain credibility. You should give them as well as expect to receive them.

Twitter: Show your expertise!

  • What is your picture? Make sure it represents you as you want the world to see you.
  • What are you sharing? Your tweets should reflect your personality and expertise! Look at what you are sharing: if your mom wouldn’t approve, don’t tweet it.
  • What does your bio say about you? Make sure you have a link where people can find you. I’d suggest making it a link to your LinkedIn profile or website!
  • If you are old enough to be looking for a job, you are old enough to have a public Twitter account.

Facebook: Clean it up!

  • What does your profile picture and cover photo say about you?
  • Check your privacy settings and make sure you understand them. They may seem difficult to navigate, but they are really important when it comes to your public image.

Network Appropriately

The opportunity is there for you to find and engage with billions of people. The tough part is setting boundaries and making sure you don’t come across negatively. Being able to network online as well as offline is a skill that any young professional must learn and practice.


Connect with people, but make sure to be upfront about why you are connecting. Don’t send the default message! Give them a reason to connect with you. If you really want an in, tell them you’d love to learn more about their company and the position they have. People love to talk about themselves and you can find more ways to get an in!


Follow the people that interest you. Find the industry leaders. Find the Head of Human Resources. Watch what they are doing and find the right time to engage with them. It doesn’t necessarily work to bombard them on a Friday night at 11:22 pm about how you want a job.


Most people keep Facebook for their “real” network. However, you should like the companies you are interested in and engage with their content. You should also find people to subscribe to, which can give you insight into their lives! You never know when a common interest might be able to help.

Research, Research, Research!

I’ve already suggested that you follow and connect with people. But connect with the brands and organizations as well. In the event that you are lucky enough to land an interview, you should be prepared to talk about the company. You can learn from their website, but their social sites will also provide great insight into the organization and their values.

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