May 13, 2013

4 Brands That Did Mother’s Day Campaigns Right

It’s no surprise that during key holidays, social media is heavily populated with branded campaigns–and Mother’s Day is no exception. While children were preparing to have special days with their mothers, filled with flowers and brunches, brands spent months planning to reward their customers and communities (and their mothers). Here are four of our favorites from this year:

1) Almay

Almay tapped into celebrity spokesperson Kate Hudson’s relationship with her famous mother Goldie Hawn to put together a touching holiday contest that had multiple elements across social media. The prize was simple: a trip for two to New York City (complete with makeovers of course, to keep it on brand). All fans had to do was share their favorite mother-daughter makeup moment. But the brand truly leverage its influential powerhouse of Hudson and Hawn in creative and behind-the-scenes videos about what makes their mother-daughter bond so strong and what Kate has learned from Goldie over the years. Kudos, Almay for tugging at our heartstrings and rewarding the community along the way.

2) Red Lobster

While Almay was playing the sentimental card, Red Lobster went a slightly different direction. Users were encouraged to enter a contest by selecting one of three possible gifts for Mom (the choices included safe bets like chocolates, flowers, and spa days). Once the users selected a gift, they were entered to win that gift plus a $50 gift card to Red Lobster. The truly brilliant child would know that this contest was perfect because if you won a gift for mom, you could win a gift for yourself too. That’s right: make Mom happy with a gift and then treat yourself to some cheddar bay biscuits. It’s a win for everyone! Happy #Nom Mother’s Day!

3) The Miracle Foundation‘s Mothers Day Orphans Over Orchids

This philanthropic campaign (hosted on Indiegogo) made Mother’s Day all about giving back. Here’s the gist: the organization had a goal of raising 100,000 by May 12th to deliver a happier, healthier childhood to a group of orphans. With donations ranging from $25 – $5,000, donors were able to provide food, healthcare, education, and other necessities to children in need. The organization encouraged people to give up the traditional gift of flowers for Mother’s Day and make a charitable donation instead. The result: that $100,000 goal was exceeded.

4) Maidenform

Maidenform’s campaign tops my list of favorites because of the way the company was able to tie in the overall brand and product into a campaign all about mothers and daughters. Maidenform prompted users across social channels to enter a photo showing how their mother shapes them (get it?!) for a chance to win. The photos could be entered using the hashtag #MFShapesMe on Twitter or Instagram. Similar to Almay, but even more on brand, this campaign was a slam dunk.

Tags: Content Marketing, Holiday, Strategy

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