May 1, 2013

3 Ways to Use Pheed to Amplify Your Brand

Mobile focused social networks that act as a one-stop shop like SnapChat, Instagram, Vine, and Kik are quickly becoming the standard among teens and other demographics as they see immense user growth and engagement. One of the front-runners of this new shift toward simple, media-rich, and mobile focused networks is Pheed.

Pheed quickly rose to the top of Apple’s App Store above Facebook and Twitter’s mobile app in February, and the momentum has since continued to build. The social network allows users to record video, take photos, and share status updates on their Pheed. A channel can watermark their content to keep ownership over what they share, as well as monetize it with a pay wall for $1.99 to $34.99 per view, or $1.99 to $34.99 per month (which is split with Pheed). This network represents a new opportunity for brands to connect with a younger demographic in an engaging way on mobile.

Here are three ways your company can stand out on Pheed:

1. Define Your Voice: It’s always important to speak the language of your audience (aligned with your brand), and when it comes to Pheed the demographic is generally teenagers. Finding the right balance between your established voice and the language of your audience is crucial for forming a long lasting relationship with your followers (or, in Pheed’s case, with your subscribers).

HuffPost Teen does a great job of connecting with its demographic while using their language in updates. By using easy to read statuses, slang, common abbreviations like OMG or WDYT, and relevant hashtags, HuffPost Teen is making content engaging and relevant for its young audience. When beginning your presence on Pheed, be sure to focus on how your voice will help represent your brand.

2. Share User Generated Content: Starting and continuing two way conversations with your subscribers is one way of building long lasting relationships. Share relevant content about your brand that’s generated or shared by your subscribers. Actively ask for user generated content and let your audience know that you want to give them time to shine. It’s good practice to balance your own messaging with the content of your fans by remixing their content (Note: remix on Pheed is the equivalent to a Twitter retweet).

MTV’s Pheed consistently remixes quality content from its subscribers, giving them that warm fuzzy feeling of being featured in front of the entire audience. This tactic can also be used with key influencers to bring their following closer to your brand.

3. Have A Personality: Last but not least, remember to be likeable! Use text, audio, video, and photos to tell your story in a fun and exciting way. There’s a time to share your latest article, product, or sale, but it is more important to share your human side on Pheed to really connect with the younger generation.

Humour is an engaging way to share your personality with your audience, much like what Taco Bell is consistently doing on its channel. Taco Bell showcases its personality by mixing messages with humor, user generated content, and the appropriate language for its following.

Brian Honigman is the Digital Marketing Executive at Marc Ecko Enterprises and a freelance writer for Forbes, Mashable, Huffington Post and others. Follow him on Twitter @BrianHonigman.

Tags: Best Practices, Content Marketing, Niche Networks, Strategy

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