April 29, 2013

New Feed, New Images on Facebook

The one constant with Facebook is change. In its latest update, Facebook fixed some UI disconnect with the Timeline and brought it in line with the mobile app. This unifies the look and feel, and creates a more branded experience.

Via Facebook

Along with this update comes larger, more engaging images in the NewsFeed. It’s not clear whether this is thanks to Google+ or Instagram’s influence, but it’s definitely a welcome change.

Facebook has created a more visual NewsFeed, placing large images front and center. The social network itself has reported that almost 50% of the stories in the NewsFeed are photos; this seems like a natural move. As social media has become more about visual content, Facebook has been playing a bit of catch-up. I think it can now consider itself caught up.

But what does it mean for your brand, when coupled with the 20% rule for promoted posts? I’ve heard it compared to the change between 4:3 format screens and widescreen for television. Before with 4:3 the image was constrained in an unnatural box shape, wide screen brought larger image area with higher fidelity. This transformed the home viewing experience into one that was more cinematic in nature.

I can see how that applies, but the main takeaway for brands is that Facebook is now really coming into its own as a mature marketing platform. The large images mean that you can tell a more engaging story with your content and reach your consumers more effectively. More fidelity in photographs and graphics will help people connect with your brand, which will lead to more engagement with your content. Engagement will lead to the brand lift that will put you ahead of your competitors–and who doesn’t love that?

How will the new Facebook NewsFeed photos impact your brand?

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