September 16, 2013

6 Things You Should NOT Do On Instagram

With over 150 million monthly active users and talks of the introduction of ads within the next year, Instagram is setting up their filter shop and looking to stay. According to Socialbakers, pictures have a higher average Engagement Rate (0.194%) than other post types (0.159%). As you brainstorm how to make an impact on this growing network, remember these 6 things you should not do on Instagram. After all, no one wants to waste their time- or, worse, lose potential fans by committing an unwritten Instagram faux pas.

1. Don’t Be Invisible.

Instagram is a visual platform that allows brands to engage with their fans through real-time visual storytelling. It has more continuity and creativity than other platforms. If you sign up and leave your profile to rot, don’t bother signing up.

2. Don’t Advertise.

Yes, Instagram is in talks of adding ads to their platform, but that doesn’t mean your brand should start in the feed. Resist the urge to repurpose product shots from professional photo shoots or to blast your branding. Instagram is about being in the moment. Keep it subtle and keep the focus on the experience or emotion of your brand. Give your brand some personality on Instagram; don’t feel required to follow a specific formula.

3. Don’t Be Annoying.

Don’t post more than one photo in a row or once every few hours. If you want to share several images, consider creating a video or using an app like PicStich to create a collage. When making a collage, remember to combine images with a collective meaning to make a greater impact.

4. Don’t Be Sloppy.

Make sure your pictures are visually appealing, are good quality and not blurry. Use Instagram to show off your brand or product in the best light.

5. #Don’t #hashtag #overload

Use hashtags that are specific to your brand and consistent with your other social media accounts.

6. Don’t Be Selfish.

Instagram is a great place to interact with your fans. Take the time to comment and engage with not only those interacting with your photos but those taking photos of your brand as well. Instagram is a great place to crowdsource photos. Encourage your followers to generate content for your brand. They will feel more connected to your brand, and perhaps their ideas will help you to generate your greater content.

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