October 11, 2013

An Important Lesson from Breaking Bad: Claim Your Territory

As social media experts, we understand that being tied down to a content calendar is not the best strategy. Let’s use our expertise and knowledge to “cook” some content up that is pure, real, engaging, and relevant. The truth is, without real-time content, you’re not fully providing “that fix” your community wants—and expects. It’s the difference between “Chilly P” and the “blue methamphetamine” cooked up by Heisenberg.

In the marketing industry, you want to be Heisenberg, not Captain Cook.

A recent article entitled Oreo Envy: The Real-Time Marketing Myth tells us to “tread lightly” when it comes to real-time content, as brands “are dumbing it down with clipart trying to replicate magic that happened once” (referring, of course, to Oreo’s Super Bowl moment). Granted you can’t replicate it but why can’t you jump in and claim your territory in the social media landscape. Have people “say your name”—or at least remember it.

You never want to settle for less. Social media is a changing platform, but you don’t have to change your brand drastically (like going from a boring chemistry teacher to a drug lord). Just be able to adapt and listen to what’s going on.

Trust me a lot is going on. According to SocialGuide, 70% of tweets happen while a show is going on. And connecting with fans during a television show is just one aspect of real-time content. Controlling this space is just the first step, and truly becoming a master of it will take time. Walter White didn’t become Heisenberg overnight. He had his ups and downs, but he eventually made millions. He had the vision, determination, and confidence to pull this off. The question is: do you?

Now it’s time to end the marriage you have with your content calendars. And if you’re having trouble filing for divorce I know a pretty damn good lawyer who can help. Here’s his card:

Have an A1 Day.

Tags: Best Practices, Content Marketing, Strategy, Twitter

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