October 7, 2013

Personality on Social Media – You’ve Gotta Have One!

Your company is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and the many other social media websites out there. Each day (and sometimes twice a day) you post official-sounding messages that your customers should be drawn to. One problem: they aren’t. The award you won last week; no one seems to care about and you don’t know why. If you find that your content sits there without engagement, then you might suffer from an issue common with some brands in social media. You have no personality on social media (and you’ve gotta have one).

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Take a step back and review your social media presence. Ask yourself this question: If my page were a person, what type of person would it be?

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This may seem like a cheesy question but, let’s face it, cheesy (or touchy feely) is sometimes necessary. By personifying you’re page, you are working to humanize its content and responses. Start by posting text structured in the way that people normally speak within that social network.

Put yourself in the shoes of the targeted reader. What does the user get out of reading your post? Humor? A fact or stat that’ll make them feel smarter? While it is important to position your brand in the best light, you have to also make sure you’re providing some kind of value for the fan.

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Your social media presence should not simply be an extension of your advertising and marketing efforts. There is an unprecedented opportunity to not only listen to your clients but to engage with them regularly to learn what they care about. Corporate does not have to mean boring or lifeless. Don’t get so focused on sales conversions and promotions that you forget why people are on social media in the first place. The results can be quite rewarding. For example, the brand Jack Daniel’s (Whiskey) decided to get more genuinely engaged with its fans/followers. Their efforts resulted in a rise of shares (up 27,371%), likes (up 1493%) and non-paid impressions (up 449%). This is just one of countless examples where brands genuinely committed to engaging in a human manner. Look at brands like Oreo, Coca-Cola, and even Google Chrome. Remember: Talk to them, not at them.

Ultimately, genuine interaction and conversation are what’s going to help your page grow… and enhance the bottom line.


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