February 11, 2013

How To Use Social Media For Employee Engagement

At Likeable we strive to create a culture where communication and personal development are top priority. We have done a few things to keep our employees engaged. Obviously, we are focused on social here, but many of these tips can be applied offline too. As readers of our blog, you might also follow our Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook pages. But we have some other things below the surface that allow us to communicate with and encourage our employees.

Positivity and Twitter

As our CEO Carrie Kerpen shared recently, service matters. We are trying to create an atmosphere where likeability and service are at the core of all we do. We challenged our employees to interact with anyone they come in contact with in a manner that they would be proud of. In all of our signatures we’ve added the ability for someone to tell us when we’ve created a “Moment of Magic.” To date we’ve had over 100 submissions of magical moments from clients, vendors, staff, and applicants.

Whenever there is a submission, @TheBucketFiller tweets to the particular Likeable employee, informing him or her about the recognition. Watching our employees’ faces light up as they receive the tweet–and in turn favorite or retweet–has been an amazing reinforcement that this is something they love and makes them feel good about their work. The Twitter account also tweets positive quotes, because who doesn’t love an inspirational quote? While the account doesn’t have a million followers, it has the ones that matter to us: our entire team!

Facebook Groups

We’ve shared many times about the great communication tool that is Facebook Groups. At Likeable we have several different groups, ranging from one just for our creative team to one for our entire team. But what do we actually share? The Likeable Team group is the hub of our existence. We’ve included every member of our team and share office updates such as Valentine’s Day plans to articles we recommend our coworkers read. It is a place where we can ask questions or get help with a project. Need to rally the troops for an upcoming event? This is where we get everyone on the same page! The ability to see it everywhere from desktop to mobile is also a huge benefit. Plus, we can even see who has actually seen an update!

Our Blog

Why do we blog? Doesn’t it take time and a lot of coordination for a company to blog everyday? Who is going to do it? Who maintains the schedule and what are the goals? These are questions I see all the time from companies that aren’t blogging. Surely here at Likeable we’ve seen amazing traffic and business value from our blog. But how does this relate to our employees?

The Likeable Daily, our blog, is a form of employee engagement. One of our core values is Thought Leadership. We encourage all of our employees to develop their personal brands and to push forward in innovative ways. By giving our employees a platform to share with tens of thousands of potential readers, we’ve enabled them to grow and be thought leaders. There are other benefits like bonuses and rewards, but for the ones who get it, they recognize the value is not always tangible.

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