January 15, 2014

4 Tips For Not Getting Lost in Social Media Purgatory

The world of social media can be overwhelming. There’s what seems like an endless amount of social platforms, a constant buzz of opinions, stories, and new strategies constantly evolving. Whether you are new to the business or actively involved, the easiest way to achieve your goals is to simplify things.

How Can a Business Simply Benefit From Social Media?

To get started, you need to have an understanding of how social media can help your business. Benefits include:

  • More Business Exposure. Your company can connect to a larger and broader range of potential consumers on social media. It’s not just about brand awareness – consumers will learn about your product and interact with your customer service representatives and other users, which can increase sales.
  • Gathering Intelligence. You’ll learn more about your target market (specifically, what is working and what is not). A business can gain valuable insight, learn trends and get direct consumer feedback whether it pertains to positive experience or major issues.
  • Engagement. Not only will you strengthen customer loyalty by talking with your consumers, you’ll also be encouraging peer interaction. Your customers can be your brand ambassadors, sharing your content and speaking positively about you to their network. Just as retailers strive for great customer service, online engagement can determine an individual’s perception of a particular brand directly from their experience.



4 Tips to Simplify Social Media Marketing

    1. Be Authentic: A good reputation can make or break a brand, and it’s important you establish what you represent on social media. Online users expect companies to be straightforward and honest. If your company experiences a public scandal, you should address it quickly and respectfully. Another way to establish credibility is to produce relevant content regularly. It is always important to demonstrate genuine interest and empathy.
    2. Listen: Consumer feedback can help your company plan strategies, provide quality customer service, and make product improvements. Make sure you monitor your networks carefully so that you can identify what your consumer wants and then take action.
    3. Be Personal: Kindness comes through on social media. A brand should make an effort to respond to user comments with a display of genuine emotion and consideration. You can also reach out to people unprompted and show them you care. Connecting to your community in such a way leaves people with a positive experience they will share with others, which can benefit a brand by establishing a good reputation. In an interview at the Inc. 500/5000 Conference, Likeable Media Chairman, Dave Kerpen, provides a great example of how being personal plays a role in social media success by sharing his own experience.

  1. Be Available: Managing social media is a 24 hour job. A perfect example was at the 2013 Super Bowl, where during the third quarter of the game, the Superdome lost power for 35 minutes. Oreo cookies had people managing their social media during the game, and took advantage of the opportunity by tweeting, “Power out? No Problem. You can still dunk in the dark.” That one tweet generated over 14,000 retweets, making it a huge marketing success.

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