October 17, 2014

5 Feeds Every Foodie Should Follow

By Angela Kuo

Foodies unite! You may already have your favorite foodie blogs bookmarked, but if you haven’t gone fully social with your passion, you might be missing out.

If you love discovering new places to eat, original recipes, and restaurant deals just as much as I do, you’re going to love this list of must-indulge foodie accounts. Here are five feeds to follow.

Last Minute Eatin’

A special treat for New Yorkers! This amazing Twitter account tweets out same-day reservations for New York’s “hardest to get” tables. It conveniently lists the location, price range, available times, and a link that takes you directly to Open Table, where you can make your reservation in just a couple of minutes.

LastMinute LastMinute

Perfect for all you New York City foodies or visitors who want to taste some of the best food the city has to offer.

Food Republic

Much like its popular website, Food Republic’s Twitter account is for people who want to eat and drink well, and live smart overall. Food Republic explores the international culture of food through stories, interviews, global conversations, and experiences. A great source for recipes from featured chefs, tips, and product design finds that will top any foodie’s holiday list.


No offense to your friend who loves to post pictures of struggle plates daily,but here’s a real gallery of delicious, Instagram-worthy meals! Stephanie Le runs the food blog “I Am a Food Blog” which won Saveur Magazine’s 2014 Editors’ Choice for Best Cooking Blog and Blog of the Year.

iamafoodblog iamafoodblog

This Instagram is where you’ll find pictures of Stephanie’s drool-worthy dishes inspired by her favorite restaurants, take-out, or whatever is in her fridge.


The Seamless Facebook page completely embraces a love of food and life. Not only does it post mouth-watering pictures of food you can actually order through its convenient service, it also post giveaways and promotional codes exclusive to followers on social. What’s better than a three-course meal in bed? A three-course meal in bed that’s half off. (Winter is approaching, you guys. We need to prepare for our hibernation.)


SORTEDfood is one of the world’s largest communities of food lovers, and this Tumblr is its (and your) mecca. This open community has grown to include people from all over the globe, contributing ideas as well as thousands of tips and tricks for how to improve what they eat.

sortedfood sortedfood

I would suggest following SORTEDfood’s YouTube account as well, but its Tumblr conveniently embeds all of the instructional videos you need for each recipe.

Are your stomachs growling yet?

Let me know some of your go-to food pages that you love indulging in!

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