October 20, 2014

7 Social Media Buzzwords Accurately Defined by GIFS


“Words must surely be counted among the most powerful drugs man ever invented.” – Leo Rosten

What is it about social media that elicits a never-ending list of buzzwords and industry jargon? When did creating “pin-able” content become so fashionable? Or worse, “snack-able.” When does normal media become “rich media” and regular data become “big data”? When do “millennial thought-leaders” become “industry experts” and “social innovators”? What on earth is the “Twittersphere”? Better yet, who invented the “blogosphere?” What are the “KPIs” on your “contextual marketing ideation”?

Below are 7 great social media buzzwords defined by GIFs.

1. Social Listening: The process of identifying, monitoring, and assessing what is being said about a company, individual, product, or brand. But wait, you don’t actually have to listen to be listening?

Gamification: The process of engaging and motivating. In other words, we want rewards for our social behaviors. “I’ve earned a badge!” If you are keeping score at home, gamification is winning.

Agile Marketing: The focus of agile marketing is understanding the value of what you are working on and then prioritizing how the work gets done. Seem like something you should be doing?

Viral: Content, generally videos, that get shared across social platforms at a rapid rate. It’s important to note that viral videos are not a choice. The internet will always have the final say. So, how does one create a viral video?

Immersive Experience: Ever get lost on a brand’s webpage? For better or worse, they’ve created an immersive experience for the user. Let’s just hope we’re not dealing with quicksand.

Earned Media: When you’re not paying for your media placements, you can consider it earned. Social shares and mainstream news pick-ups are in play here. Time to sit back and relax; you’ve earned it!

Click-ability: What was once defined as “the ability to click a hyperlink,” has now transformed into whether or not a hyperlink is worthy of our attention (or rather, the desirability of a link).

They say a picture can tell a thousands words. Well in this case, a GIF can tell one social media buzzword. Hopefully, this list has simplified some of the best words in the business for easy transition into your next client meeting or PowerPoint Presentation.

Tags: Best Practices, Content Marketing, Strategy

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