May 16, 2014

Mobile Friendly: How to Manage Social Media from Your Cell Phone

Time—it flies, it’s ticking, it’s money, it’s on our side. Whatever you determine, you can’t argue: time is valuable. It becomes even more valuable when talking about social media. As fast-paced as we tend to be, social media can move even faster. Being able to manage on-the-go will take your social marketing to the next level.

Below are a few important and helpful social media apps that you can download and use right from your cell phone today. Once you master these apps, social media will be as easy as texting. You’ll be ROTFL while everyone else is SOL.

Twitter – Tweet text, photos and videos easily from your cell phone with Twitter’s app. Managing more than one account? This app allows for multiple handles to be stored and accessed at once, providing seamless transitioning at the touch of your thumbs. OMG!

Use the search bar and discovery resource to find trending topics and relevant hashtags along the way. THX!

Pages Manager – If you need to stay on top of your brand pages on Facebook, then you need the Pages Manager app. This app makes it easy to stay in touch with activities happening on multiple pages at once. Never TMI!

Post updates, photos, and links, plus respond to comments. View and reply to private messages, and look at page insights!

Instagram – Instagram is rapidly becoming one of the most popular social media apps. Not only can you post easily with custom design filters, but you can also share instantly across your other social media platforms. In RT!

Explore, a fun feature on Instagram, makes it easy to find similar users, like and comment on other photos, and find new people to follow! IMHO.

Buffer – Buffer is a fantastic app for all your social media sharing. Share to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn – all from one place. IRL?

The best part about Buffer is they schedule your content. Say you have 2 or 3 articles or photos you’d like to share. You can add them all into Buffer at once and instead of flooding your followers with information, Buffer will schedule the content over the next few hours or days. You choose! OIC, NP.

Bitly – Want to post a link but have a limited character count? Bitly is the go-to app for link shortening. With Bitly, simply copy and paste your link into the designated field, and you’ll be provided with a clean, short version. You can even customize how your new link will look. That’s GR8!

Bitly also provides analytics showing click counts, link activity, and geographic locations. You can organize and share your shortened links using its bundles feature. I say TYVM!

Zite – Looking for places to find great content to share with your audience? Look no further. Zite is a smart magazine that helps you find the things that you or your audience would like to read. Just DBEYR.

The more you read, the more Zite learns what you like and provides updated reading material. From here, you can easily connect and share articles to your social media networks with the touch of a button. Make sure it’s SWAK.

Now’s the time to start social marketing from your mobile device. Use these apps and you will be more efficient than ever.



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