November 16, 2015

3 Reasons Why Facebook’s Carousel Ads Are Awesome

Digiday recently reported that carousel ads are yielding 10X better results than your standard Facebook link post. That’s a pretty huge number. Likeable is seeing about 3X better results than our standard link posts. That’s still a big number. Why are these ads so effective?

1. No Competition on Mobile

I can’t read anything about the ad industry without running into an article about “the rise of ad block.” It’s the talk of the town right now. Even my favorite Marketing Podcast is beating this subject to death. If you combine the rise of ad block and the inefficiency of mobile banner ads, Facebook (and Instagram) Carousel ads look like a Ferrari among old Chrysler La Barons. Facebook Carousel ads are as prominent and native as a post from your best friend. They take up about 80% of your screen and are nearly impossible to ad block. This is clearly a premium mobile ad unit.

2. Better Design than a Link Post

People don’t stop to read every post in their feed. They fly through until something catches their eye. Carousel ads warrant a split second glance and if the creative and targeting does it’s job, that’s all the time you need. The increase in attention is not only due to novelty of the carousel, but also the visual flexibility. With these ads, there are several creative directions you can go. You can tell a story. It’s just a better design.

3. Algorithmic Optimization

Facebook will let you upload 10 images and auto-optimize the order of the images them based on results. If you want drive traffic to blogs, product pages or any key webpages, this is an important functionality. Of course everyone optimizes based on performance, but machines are really good at this. When combining machine learning with human creativity, the best possible results are in the near future for you.

Tags: Facebook, Instagram, Paid Media

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