September 22, 2015

4 Brands Using Interactive Video Well

It has been over 10 years since the first video was uploaded to YouTube. In that time, online video has exploded across the web. At this point, it is hard to imagine the Internet without video, but it’s also hard to imagine video without the Internet. In the last ten years, the industry has changed dramatically. Advertisers have been moving away from big budget TV commercials, and have shifted their focus to simpler, cheaper video content that they’re pushing out like crazy. However, the more of this content we watch (and we watch A LOT of it), the less impact it has. Because of this, marketers have to constantly adapt to engage their audience.

One trend that has become increasingly popular is interactive video. An interactive video is exactly what it sounds like: a video that lets the viewer interact with it. There are many different types of interactive videos, all of which serve different functions. In this post, we will look into four different types of interactive video, and how your brand might be able to utilize this technology in your own campaigns.

Changing Perspectives

In this Mother’s Day spot created by Coca-Cola, we see several interactions between a mother and daughter. Throughout the video, the viewer has the option to switch between the mother’s or daughter’s point of view. While the technique is simple, the effect is powerful, allowing viewers to strongly empathize with both characters.

Sampling Options



In this stylish video from Madewell, we are invited to help pick out the perfect outfit for the models in the video. By giving us options to choose from, Madewell is able to sample more of their clothes than they would have been able to with a traditional video. The video also allows the audience to see clothing options based on their mood, increasing the odds of them liking the clothing they see on screen.




Toyota has teamed up with Hulu to create several interactive pre-roll spots before certain shows. Viewers have the option to watch a movie or show without commercial breaks if they play a short trivia game. The games are often related to the content the viewer is about to watch. For example, when Hulu acquired “Seinfeld,” Toyota created a “Seinfeld” trivia game to play before certain episodes.

Choose Your Own Adventure



In this highly involved, highly stylized spot for Dos Equis, we are invited into a masquerade ball and asked to help “The Most Interesting Man in the World” find his lost little black book. Throughout the video, the viewer is able to choose which path to take and where to focus his attention. There are countless choices that promise a unique experience every time you watch.

How is your brand using interactive video?

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