October 9, 2015

4 Examples of Real Time Content to Model Your RTM Strategy After

Real Time Content: the three big money words right now in marketing. From tweeting a trending hashtag, to commenting on viral stories, to creating custom images relevant to a current trend, incorporating real time content (RTC) into your social marketing strategy is a great way to increase engagement and make your brand a part of a viral conversation.

But creating content in real time is a completely different task than your regular pre-planned marketing techniques. It requires three skills: creativity, speed and relevance. Creativity is always important in marketing, but the number one thing to remember when crafting RTC is relevance. While it is important to be able to create content constantly in order to stay on top of the story, if your content isn’t relevant to a large audience, it won’t be worth the hassle.

Are you considering incorporating real time content into your marketing strategy? Here are four examples of some of the best ways it’s been done.

1. Oreo – Super Bowl Blackout

Even though it was posted back in 2013, this is still one of the most talked about examples of real time content. When the blackout during Super Bowl XLVII occurred, Oreo tweeted this.

Even years later, very few people talk about “great real time content” without mentioning this Oreo ad. It was a clever addition to the conversation, and the fact that it happened in real time engaged even more fans. With over 15,000 retweets, it’s enough to make anyone consider creating more content in real time.

2. The Salvation Army – #TheDress

One of the easiest way to use RTC is by jumping on the bandwagon for trending topics. When #TheDress started trending in March of this year, The Salvation Army took it from a funny piece of content to an important message.

Staying true to brand voice, they created an ad that was relevant enough to reach viewers who wouldn’t otherwise be targeted by the brand. Repurposing a silly viral post to become something powerful and moving was a great way to get people talking about bigger issues.

3. KitKat – “Bendgate”

KitKat has been one of the most talked about brands in regards to their RTC for years. The brand is constantly creating windows to participate in viral conversations. When news of the new iPhone 6 Plus bending started trending, it had a great reaction.

This content connected the brand to the story by taking a viral hashtag and making it work for them. It received over 27,000 retweets, which is why KitKat is the reigning king of RTC.

4. The Metropolitan Museum – #BreakTheInternet

Real time content doesn’t need to be flashy in order to be successful, as The Metropolitan Museum showed when they jumped on Kim Kardashian’s #BreakTheInternet hashtag. Never underestimate the power of a good joke.

Taking on the queen of social media can be stressful, but The Met’s hilarious content made their viewers laugh, which helped them to increase engagement and reach of the post.

Real time content may very well be the next big trend in social media marketing, but it requires a lot of work to do successfully. Keep a constant eye out on what’s trending across social, and be sure that if you jump on the bandwagon of anything viral, you won’t be offending anyone (like Burger King’s Peace One Day McWhopper idea). Always remember the three key words creativity, speed, relevance and use these examples as inspiration for your own creations.

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