October 9, 2015

Why Brands Should Embrace Emoji Reaction Buttons


Sentiment is one of the hardest things to report with social media. With the possibility of emoji reaction buttons coming down the pipeline, this will no longer be an issue.

Facebook has long resisted the “dislike” button. Personally, I’m glad. I fear negativity spiraling. The addition of six emoji reactions to the “like” button is a much better answer for the social media giant.

Facebook was smart about its decision. With the rising popularity of emoji and sticker use in comments, Facebook has taken the most common one-word comments haha, yay, wow and sad and is testing reaction buttons.

This is great for brand pages. While there may be fear and overreaction of the sad and anger emoji, this will provide quantifiable data for sentiment, which is incredibly different to do accurately.

While the test is only taking place in Spain and Ireland, it has gotten a lot of coverage in the last week and will likely roll out to the public soon. I can’t wait, and brands should be excited about this update because of the data it will likely provide!

Tags: Creative, Facebook, Tools

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