October 28, 2015

Motion Graphics: 5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do

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In our digital world, social media trends are as fleeting as our attention spans. A brand has to increasingly find new ways to hold its audience’s attention. Facebook having recently allowed GIFs to function fully, and Instagram having just released their new app, Boomerang, are just two examples of why short, engaging, moving images are quickly becoming a favored medium of communication.

Motion graphics can add a necessary dynamism that perhaps a static image is lacking, while often being less time-consuming and less expensive to produce than a staged-and-shot video. In some cases, it would be more cost effective to eliminate the consideration of props, location, talent, and lighting, when all you need to create a moving image is motion graphics software such as Adobe After Effects. You can animate already-designed graphics (if they are vector-based) or you can create them from scratch. Here are a few things you didn’t know you could do with motion graphics.

1. Animate Infographics

Motion graphics are a great way to present data in a more interesting way. The flow of information allows you more control over the order in which facts are presented as well as what information you want to emphasize. Plus, it looks cool.

2. Bring Quotes to Life

Images of sayings or quotes are particularly shareable on social media, especially those that effectively use typography, color, and perhaps photography to create a cohesive design. Take this a step further and add subtle animation to the quote to draw even more attention to the message.

3. Enact a Texting Conversation

At the core of every piece of content should be something your audience can relate to and find applicable in their own lives. Often a good strategy is to recreate a scenario that is familiar. And what could be a more relatable than the place where most of our attention residesour cell phones?

4. Provide Real-Time Updates

Tweeting live events that are relevant to the audience has become common practice for brands. Including a moving image with a tweet is a good way to stand out amongst text-only and static-image posts that are already occurring during a particular event. To keep posts timely, graphics can be created ahead of time, as long as the results are predictable. For example, have two options readyone for either team’s win.

5. Highlight What Makes Your Brand Unique

Whether it’s your product, your mascot, or some other aspect of your brand’s culture, there is certainly something you can add motion to in your creative. The possibilities are endless.

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