October 21, 2015

Find Your Voice: 5 Brands to Inspire Your Marketing Tone

One of the first stages in developing your brand on social media networks is finding the perfect marketing tone. What is a marketing tone, you ask? It’s the implementation of your online personality that harmonizes with that of your primary audience, ultimately giving you the charm and appeal to build awareness, loyalty and sales.

Here are five successful examples.


The order-as-you-wish burrito chain is not only breaking the mold on how we’re chowing, but also on how IT is chatting. With its loyal and very large millennial fanbase in mind, its social media networks host just the right amount of wit, a sprinkle of sarcasm and a whole lot of “food porn.” Kudos to its team for embracing the importance of real-time content to reach bigger audiences and drive better results. But only tweet Chipotle as you’d like to be tweeted, because it’s not afraid of giving back an earful (or…mouthful!).

Pumpkin Spice Latte

If Starbucks was a high school, its beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte would forever reign as Homecoming Queen. And that’s exactly the tone it’s created for its rockstar concoction on social media. The Starbucks team has carefully positioned PSL as its sassy, adventurous, fashionable first born. “Her” posts resemble something of a 20-something female who prides herself on her knowledge of pop culture trends, big sunglasses and chunky knit sweaters (perfect for her favorite season, fall…duh!).


That’s right! For decades this American icon has been a friend to millions of children in their homes, so she finally thought it was time to reach even more via their social media networks. Her brand voice shines so brightly of female empowerment, reaching for the stars and never giving up on your dreams. No matter what your age, this brand takes you on a journey to look to your inner-self and once again ask, “What do I want to be when I grow up?”


Toilet paper with a brand voice: How can it be?! Let me tell you. Take chummy (and often dreaded) bathroom humor usually discussed around the office watercooler, add a kick of 21st century viral trends, dash a few humorous memes in there, get an adorable family of bears as your spokespeople and voila! Your Charmin brand voice. This brand has been recognized as a fan-favorite for months now, which is all thanks to the reccurring amiable material used to make it relevant across all networks.

Burger King

The king of burgers has turned his attention from reigning over Whoppers to reigning over the loud kingdom of Twitter. Burger King’s brand voice is very pop culture-sensitive, and I’ll bet its social media team must pat itself on the back for positioning BK as as the “cool guy” of fast food. Picture Burger King as the rebel in school, cutting class early to hop on his motorcycle fueled by fryer oil with the beauty queen (PSL, perhaps?) on the back, not caring who notices.

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