May 11, 2015

7 Content Creations You Haven’t Thought to Use


2015 is the year of video, but there are other forms of media that will engage a social media audience. With simple photos decreasing in organic value on Facebook, and text-based tweets getting less engagement, one question is clear: What are other strong ways of getting your audience’s attention? Consider these options.


Looped moving images are widely shared online, yet for some reason most brands haven’t joined the party. Likeable Media created this GIF to promote our Vogue’s full-length interview with Iggy Azalea. Now that GIFs show up easily on Twitter and in Facebook comments, it’s worth brands investing in this content type.


Album Posts

Facebook images are dropping in organic reach. One way you can increase the impact is to post multiple photos at once. These “album posts” also receive more clicks.


Social media users LOVE to tell you what they think, and you don’t need Facebook’s polling feature to get an answer from them. A very effective method is to show people a split image with options or to present multiple choice within the copy.

Symbols and Emojis

Your copy stands out more when you add some uncommon elements within it, such as symbols or emojis.

Video Streaming

Periscope, Meerkat and other broadcast video apps serve as a great way to build up excitement over a product launch announcement. Because the situation is live, there’s less of a standard for high quality footage.

Choose Your Own Adventure

How do you keep fans engaged with a campaign over an extended length of time? Working with Entenmann’s, Likeable Media let fans choose the fate of mascot Rich Frosted as he traveled through yummy, magical lands. All it took was sequential postings; no developers were needed.


A popular trend on Twitter is for users to show you just how clever they can get with puns. #IfThe80sNeverStopped, #FoodMovies and #FoodCelebs are among many hashtags we played with in order to encourage viral conversation.


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