May 18, 2015

Meet Content Cubed™: A Likeable Media Product

Carrie Kerpen

“Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” – John Maxwell

Author John Maxwell coined this phrase regarding the concept of leadership, but I believe that it applies to a variety of topics—including, but not limited to, social media.

When our co-founder Dave Kerpen first wrote the book Likeable Social Media back in 2011, social media was in its infancy. In a relatively uncrowded space, brands were able to organically become a part of the communities that they served.

As I write this just four years later, the social media landscape is drastically different. Brands and the people who ran them began to understand the value of social, so more joined in. Additionally, several new big networks arrived like Vine, Pinterest, and Instagram. And the seismic shift in which networks require a paid ad strategy in order for brands to see success has been felt across the board. Some question whether social media is in fact, still social at all.

And yet, despite all of these changes, Dave’s evergreen principles from his New York Times bestselling book remain true. (Dave’s newest edition of Likeable Social Media launched March 2015.) Brands still need to produce quality content that can engage the consumer.

Likeable Media has recognized this need for increased quality content. Content is much more than just creative GIFs and 6-second videos. Content needs to be curated from the community and must stem from data in order to ensure that it will resonate. For instance, we used data, not speculation, to determine that our majority-female Pure Barre fans would enjoy this image centered on football season. Content also needs to be promoted using social advertisingbecause the new landscape simply demanded it. This Century 21 blog post about zombies is popular because of the content, but it was successful because it was put in front of the right eyes, The Walking Dead fans, through social promotion. All of this happens without the sacrifice of quality, creative value. After all, this funny birthday video from GoToMeeting would never have the success it did without its inherent entertainment quality.

Over the course of almost 10 years, my company has determined how to curate, create, and connect content that gets results. This secret to success, a mix of organic curation and promoted connection combined with high quality creative production, yielded the birth of the Likeable Content Cubed™ product.

The Likeable Content Cubed™ product uses insights from social data to develop and promote branded content that will generate up to 20x greater business results for your organization.

If you’re a business that wants to really get something out of social media, rather than just be on it, we can help you. Schedule a demo with us. You’ll also be entered to win a free autographed copy of Likeable Social Media 2.

PS. A note about our targetLikeable Media typically helps brands with over 25MM in revenue and/or 100+ employees. If you are a smaller business looking for an amazing solution for social media marketing, visit our sister company Likeable Local.

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