April 2, 2015

Avoid These 5 Content Marketing Mistakes if You Want to Win

Joanne Hague



How do you approach content marketing? Are you a first time publisher or a seasoned expert? Whatever your experience – we’re all human and we all make mistakes. Content marketing can be such an important asset for business success, so omitting it from your marketing plans could be a huge error. Doing it poorly could also be fatal for your business. Avoid these five common mistakes at all costs if you want your content marketing to succeed.

Strategy? What, strategy?

Is this you? Without it, you’re doomed from the beginning. Ask yourself these questions to help you focus and get the best results:

  1. What do we want our content marketing to achieve?
  2. Who is our target audience, and what do they want?
  3. Who are we, and what makes us unique?
  4. How can we communicate our message in a compelling way?
  5. What measurable KPI’s do we want in place?

Remember, take what you’ve learned from your own content and that of your competition to make your content bigger and better next time.

Content That Stinks

The time a user spends on your website is proportional to the quality of your content. Don’t produce content for the sake of producing content – this can make you look boring, out of touch with your audience, and creatively lacking. Frequently ask yourself; “What does my audience get out of this?” Good content should be informative, educational and valuable enough that people want to share it. You don’t just want to catch their attention, you want them to take action on your content. Putting your audience first will help you to create inspiring content that resonates.

Not Having A Workflow Process

So your content is ready. Job finished, right? Not so. Just because you have your content ready doesn’t mean you can ignore the next vital steps. Think about this; Who makes sure your brand voice and tone are consistent? Do you need a legal review? What about if you go over budget? Who will promote it on your social channels? Having answers to these questions and a viable internal review process can reduce a lot of hassle and unwanted frustration for you and your team later down the line. Building great content and a pathway to lead it to success doesn’t happen over night. After all, it’s a marathon and not a sprint.

Ignoring SEO.

We all want to appear at the top of search engine results, and using SEO is one step in improving how easily your audience can find you. However, overloading your content with keywords can make you look unnatural, trashy and will definitely not help in the long-run. Having more than one page with the same targeted keywords can cause search engine confusion, meaning that your intended audience could end up being directed to the wrong one. Boosting traffic through search engines takes time and has to be nurtured, which is why you should be ready to update and improve your SEO strategy on a rolling basis and not see it as a one off task.

Spreading Yourself Too Thinly.

Where will your content live and what platforms are you sharing it on? If your target audience isn’t there, then you shouldn’t be either. Once you have the right platform, don’t abuse it. At least 80% of your content should be engaging and of benefit to your audience. No more than 20% of your posts should be driving your product promotion. If you want to be seen as a trusted source, you have to be genuine. Social media can be a crowded place, so investing in the right content distribution for your business is paramount. What’s the point in creating your best work if no one is going to see it.

Watch out for these mistakes creeping into your content marketing efforts and be ready to act fast if they do. Use your resources wisely and invest in your strategy from the start to save you time later on.


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