March 30, 2015

3 Key Announcements From Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference

This week Facebook held their annual F8 event in San Francisco, and there was a ton of announcements, some minor, and some pretty huge. Since this is a conference for developers, there is a ton of geeky lingo that us regular folk might not be able to comprehend. Here are three things you need to know from F8 2015, in layman’s terms of course.

1. Facebook Messenger App

Arguably the most epic announcement of them all is the update to Facebook Messenger. Now you can create and share content within your messages rather than posting it all to your wall. Users will be able to install apps to add fun features such as GIF’s or meme’s

Users will also be able to interact with business and brands via Messenger, so you can quickly and efficiently find out the status of your order, modify purchases, and even pay for merchandise.

2. Real-Time Comments

The comments feature of Facebook hasn’t been updated much since its infancy in the late 2000’s, so this update is a pretty big deal. Users are now allowed to see comments on web pages and links shared on Facebook. The updates will appear in a box on the top right corner of your Facebook homepage. To comment, the user will click a particular box and type right there without losing his or her place, according to Facebook. Essentially, this will encourage greater engagement on the platform.

3. Facebook Embedded Video

With this new feature, Facebook is really giving YouTube a run for its money. Facebook introduced a new feature that allows users to embed their videos into third-party websites. Facebook has done this in hopes to become the number one source for video consumption, and with this minor, but impactful change, they might achieve their goal.

Some other interesting updates from the conference were 360 degree videos in the News Feed, changes to LiveRail delivery, and talks of virtual reality and artificial intelligence. Applying artificial intelligence to Facebook seems a bit of a stretch to me, but seeing how far the platform has come in the past 11 years, well, the sky’s the limit.

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