March 23, 2015

How To: Create Tweets That Will Get You Noticed

Every day, Twitter feeds are inundated with news, opinions, advertising, facts, and much more—all condensed to 140 characters or less. For many brands the question remains: How do we create content that will get noticed? The answer is, T W E E T!

(T) alk is cheap. Try your best to keep your tweets concise. Leaving more characters for followers to play around with makes a tweet more appealing for them to share. They can add their own personal touch to it.

(W) hen in doubt, use a hashtag. While I always warn against getting “hashtag happy,” adding hashtags (with discretion) is beneficial. Without hashtags, your tweets are only seen by your Followers—with them, they can be seen by hundreds or thousands of new people on Twitter. They are also great for starting and following a conversation with your audience.

(E) ntertain your audience. Put yourself into the mind of your followers (or the people you would like to interact with) and determine what they would like to see and read. Talking about your brand is fine, but be sure to surround that information with interesting and relevant content so users can easily see the benefit of following you.

(E) ngage with followers and beyond. When you create a tweet, test out a CTA once in a while. You may be surprised by the response you get and the conversation may very well continue past your initial 140 characters.

(T) ry a different format. Those characters are not just for letters—explore spaces and symbols. Something different in the feed will attract attention and is most likely a welcome change.

Remember, people use Twitter to connect with other people (or brands) and to find interesting content. Following these steps to create content and to dedicate time to engage with followers. It will help you develop an effective Twitter strategy.


Tags: Best Practices, Content Marketing, Strategy, Twitter

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