July 6, 2015

Twitter Images: 3 Things to Keep In Mind

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There’s no question that using images on Twitter is important for engagement. Though it is not considered a primarily visual platform compared to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr, it has been proven that attaching images to a tweet increases engagement by 313%. While taking up valuable real estate in the Twitter feed, there are a few important components to keep in mind in order to get the most out of your visual content.

Image Size

Images within a tweet will be displayed at a 2:1 ratio, with the recommended upload size of 1024 x 512. Any image with a larger height proportionally will be cropped on the top and bottom when shown in the feed (but shown in full when clicked on). This is not to say you shouldn’t upload an image that doesn’t perfectly fit those dimensions, as sometimes intentionally hiding portions of an image could be used for creative effect. But as a general rule, it is best to keep any important information within the boundaries of a 2:1 rectangle.

Image Tagging

One often-overlooked feature is the option to tag people in Twitter photos, without having to mention them in the tweet itself. This allows you to use the entire 140 characters for your message. The tagging feature allows for a more social and interactive experience. As a brand, you could, for example, make a loyal follower’s day by featuring them and tagging them in an image, or you could tag other brands to start a conversation, which is something that is unlikely to occur on other platforms.

Text on Image

Adding text to an image is not only a good way to attract the eye, but also a way to extend your message beyond the 140-character limit. If you do not have the resources for a graphic designer, tools like Pablo by Buffer offer an easy solution for simple text overlay on images.

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