June 18, 2015

It’s Father’s Day on Sunday?! 5 Brands on Facebook That Are Capitalizing on Procrastinators

Ah, the dreaded Father’s Day gift. It’s easy to buy for mom because she loves flowers, jewelry, and a fancy brunch, but dads tend to be much harder to shop for. There are plenty of sons and daughters out there that are still racking their brains for ideas during the week of Father’s Day. Here are five brands that have ramped up their advertising strategy in preparation for the big day.

1. Patron Tequila

This definitely applies to all the shoppers out there that are 21 and over and hunting down a gift for dad. Brands like Jim Beam, Maker’s Mark, and Grey Goose are doing a great job of targeting these last minute shoppers. The clear winner in this category is Patron Tequila – what could be better than a personalized bottle of Reposado?

2. GoPro

The GoPro camera is a fantastic product that makes a great gift for the adventure-seeking father. Heck, this could also be ideal for the dad that just loves taking selfies. (No judgments.) Whatever the reason, a GoPro is a perfect gift item as it’s not something a person would typically buy for himself or herself. Check out their Father’s Day post below, complete with an adorable kid. Nice job, GoPro.

3. Home Depot

It’s typically mom who spearheads the Father’s Day shopping for dads with young children. What better way to get straight to mom’s heart than talking about dads and their cute kids. This Home Depot video gets a gold star for tugging on our heartstrings. We love you, dad!

Here are some other brands that did some heartstring tugging of their own:

4. Nordstrom

Don’t forget about the stylish dads out there. Many men’s fashion brands haven’t posted about Father’s Day yet, but Nordstrom was on point with this image promoting the brand, Sperry. The inviting photo links to the Father’s Day Gifts landing page on the Nordstrom site, which offers more fun gift ideas.

5. Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club’s goal is to get their product into more people’s hands, and ultimately, beards. Running a promotion offering free razors for a year was a smart idea and a good way to capitalize on the holiday.

Other brands like Fossil executed contests for Father’s Day

Brands that missed the boat:

Travel brands like JetBlue, Delta, and Expedia did not post content about Father Day, which could be a big missed opportunity. We also haven’t seen anything from electronic brands such as Sony or Bose. But, have no fear – there are still three days left until time runs out! In a procrastinator’s world, that’s a lifetime. Happy Father’s Day!

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