April 18, 2016

3 Important Updates to Facebook Canvas Ads

It’s been almost three months since I first wrote about Facebook’s new Canvas Ad inventory. The ad set is now publicly available to all brands, and there have been some changes that social media agency marketers need to note.

Here are three of the biggest!

1. No More Auto-Play Sound

When Canvas Ads rolled out in beta, it appeared all videos would auto-play sound. But now, Facebook has changed course on this feature. All Canvas Ads now include a sound button on the top right hand corner that allows the user to toggle sound on and off. Marketers should use subtitles for any important video dialogue with the assumption the user has the sound off.

2. Video in the News Feed Ad

An important part of the Canvas Ad is the “News Feed view,” where a user clicks to enter the experience. Originally, this placement supported only static imagery, but now brands are able to utilize video. Plan on utilizing video to make your Canvas Ad stick out on the News Feed and increase the likelihood of someone clicking through.

3. Posting to the Mobile News Feed

Canvas Ads are not just dark posts! You can now create the ad set by clicking Photo/Video on your Facebook page and selecting “Create a Canvas.” The ad will be visible on your brand’s News Feed, but only on the Facebook mobile app. A best practice is to pin your Canvas to the top of the mobile News Feed so anyone who visits your page will see it first. Like any ads, paid promotion remains the top way to get content seen, but pinning Canvas to the top of the mobile News Feed is a great check-mark item.

Tags: Facebook, Paid Media

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