December 14, 2016

3 Strategies for Marketing on Facebook Live

2016 has been the year of live streaming, catapulting to the top of the marketing toolkit with the launch of Facebook Live. With Facebook heavily focused on promoting Live, many brands have jumped on the bandwagon; some better than others. Facebook Live has proven to be effective in increasing both brand awareness and consumer engagement. Here are three strategies that are common among three very different early adopter brands, all of whom have successfully used Facebook live in their marketing efforts.

Making the Audience Part of an Event

One key benefit of broadcasting a live event is to make the audience feel as if they are there.

Tough Mudder, a provider of endurance events that test mental and physical strength, was one of the first brands to embrace Facebook Live. They have evolved their live presence by using specific camera angles and live hosted commentary in their effort to draw viewers in during their broadcasts. The experience can range from feeling like you are running the obstacle course yourself, to attending as an in-person spectator, depending on the vantage point. Both techniques have added to the overall views and time spent viewing their events.

Benefit Cosmetics, a quirky and relatable beauty brand, named their Facebook Live series Tipsy Tricks with Benefit tapping into their unique brand voice to engage their audience. Their viewers are invited to drink wine along with them and provide questions, commentary, and ideas all during the show. In addition, they solicit show ideas furthering the vested interest that the audience has in upcoming events.

Garth Brooks, one of the top-selling country music artists of all time, launched “Inside Studio G” in July, giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at the making of his album. What better way to make an audience part of an event than by letting them see the ‘true’ Garth Brooks and interact with him?

The Right Balance of Content and Promotion

Equally as important as drawing your audience into your event is keeping the event interesting and not too product focused. These three brands use different techniques, but all are highly effective.

Tough Mudder intersperses short promotional information on their training programs during the event, but they don’t interrupt the event.

Benefits’ Tipsy Tricks ensures the right balance of promotion by asking the audience exactly what products they want to see. The content is the product, and both are requested by their viewers.

Although the ultimate goal of Garth Brooks’ Inside Studio G was to tease and promote the launch of his new album, it is wrapped in content that viewers have a high interest in seeing. His fans/followers feel like they have an inside look into how the product is made.

Consistent Scheduling & Cross Promotion

And finally, what good is a great program if no one sees it.

Tough Mudder promotes their live events on many platforms. Using a combination of Facebook, Snapchat and their own website, they ensure that prospective audience members know when to tune in.

Tipsy Tricks’ loyal viewers know they can tune in every Thursday. In addition, all their social channels tease and promote the upcoming segment on the day of the show. Snapchat stories and Instagram promotion on Thursdays help to remind viewers to tune in.

When Garth Brooks launched his Studio G show, he clearly communicated that it would air every Monday at 7pm EST, until the launch of the album. In addition to social promotion, given his celebrity status, he was able to generate press with the announcement of his Facebook Live show, increasing his reach and potential audience.

Live streaming and Facebook Live in particular is an ongoing, evolving medium that is changing how consumers interact with brands. What do you think the future holds for Facebook Live and brands?

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