December 15, 2016

2016 Social Media Wish List

James Reichert

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Dear Social Media Santa,

This year was full of amazing updates ranging from Instagram supporting multiple-account logins to exciting new features on Snapchat (like Snapchat Groups). It looks like we were granted a few of our wishes from last year’s list – but there is always room for improvement. We feel like we’ve been extra good this year, so please grant us a few more!

1. Better Pinterest Features

This is the third year that this wish has made our list. It looks like some new ad units (like promoted video) have been rolling out this year, but an overhaul is needed before it’s too late. Updated analytics is also something we’ve been waiting for…crazy to think the last update was two years ago!

2. Better LinkedIn Features

Similar to Pinterest, LinkedIn has really been stagnant in regards to releasing new features and updates. Facebook’s focus on boosting B2B targeting is a direct indication that LinkedIn has to evolve now, or join Vine in the social media graveyard.

3. Twitter to Get It Together

We are left with more questions than answers when thinking back on Twitter this year. The death of Vine was sad, not because we used it anymore, but because we felt it had more potential. Our only wish here is that a company capable of instilling change purchases the platform before it’s too late.

4. The Ability to Tag Friends in Boomerangs

Since launching, Boomerangs have provided a fun way to share unique video content on Instagram. The only problem is that you are not able to tag a friend in the Boomerang – let us share the spotlight!

5. Better Social Listening Tools

Listening tools are a dime a dozen. What we really need is a tool that can help us track mentions of brands without getting the clutter that comes along with it. Can we please have a tool that recognizes ampersands? A larger ask here would be a way to pull in Facebook mentions…but that’s a whole other story.

We have a few more wishes in mind, but the list above hits on all our big ones. As always, please say hello to the elves and don’t forget to read our list and check it twice!

What are your thoughts on this year’s wish list? Would you add any additional wishes?

Tags: Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tools, Twitter

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