November 2, 2016

4 Things to Do Before Getting Started on Social


Social media is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal. However, just maintaining a social media presence isn’t enough to justify your time and money. Social media requires a significant amount of planning, money, and talent in order to maximize value. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Identify and Prioritize Your Objectives

All too often, clients will claim that their objectives are engagement, growth, online sales, brand awareness, and customer acquisition. Social media can be a fantastic results driver, but that’s a lot to accomplish for one marketing channel. The key is to understand your customer journey and aim to focus on one to two steps in your marketing funnel. Once you do this, you can then assign appropriate metrics and KPIs that support that phase in the customer journey.

Analyze the Competition

Social media is a huge laboratory of marketing tests. If you are willing to mine your competitions performance, you will have some initial idea of what works and what does not. This step should be completed before you craft a social media content strategy.

Profile Your Audience

A smart social media strategy is all about targeting the right people with the right messages. That’s sounds a lot like a smart ad strategy, right? That’s because it is. Social media, Facebook and Instagram in particular, are essentially ad networks. The 2% to 3% you’ll be reaching organically will have a minimal impact for your business. You need to have a plan to leverage the paid tools that social networks provide, but before that, you need to do some audience profiling. Sit down and profile your audience as detailed as possible including all psychographic, demographic, and geographic elements.

Choose your Channels

The reality is it’s impossible to do them all — or at least do them all properly. What you need to know is which channels are dominant for your target audience and focus your organization’s resources on beating the competition in those targeted channels.

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