November 4, 2016

5 Things You Didn’t Know Were Possible with Facebook Ads


Facebook offers by far the most advanced social advertising platform in existence. As a result, there are a lot of strange or obscure features even experienced social media marketers are not aware of. Read some of my favorites below!

1. Ads Linking to Messenger

As AI continues to advance, Facebook has worked to keep up with this cutting-edge technology. Marketers are able to create chat bots that users can interact with through Facebook Messenger. Additionally, Facebook recently gave advertisers the ability to link to their messenger through ads. While this feature may not be relevant to most brands, especially those that do not have the resources to create chat bots, I do think that brands who want to develop closer interactive relationships with users can utilize these ads without having their own bot in place.

2. Engagement Audiences

Who hasn’t viewed a product online only to receive ads about that same product in their Facebook newsfeed? Retargeting is considered one of most direct tactics for influencing buyers who are already deep in your funnel. Facebook has made this possible through the Facebook pixel, but also has other remarketing tactics available.

Retargeting custom audiences who have engaged with your video, lead ad, or Facebook Canvas creates boundless opportunities for marketers. This can be used for moving audiences from awareness down the funnel, sequential storytelling, or creating lookalikes based on audiences that have worked in the past.

In fact, advertisers on Twitter have the ability to target people who have engaged on any type of content — not just video, lead ads, and Canvas. I predict that Facebook may add more capabilities like this in the future.

3. Advanced Website Custom Audiences

Facebook’s pixel allows for some incredibly powerful levels of segmentation of your website audience. Advertisers are able to target users based on time on their site, frequency of visits, day of visit (days since or specific date ranges), and total amount spent.

4. Canvas and Blogs Within Canvas

In the last month, Facebook released the ability to link one Canvas to another Canvas. The immersive nature of Facebook Canvas means they can be used almost like a webpage or landing page that remains within Facebook. What’s more, content creators can now nearly create an entire website from within Canvas.

Additionally, Canvas can replicate the experience of instant articles, which are currently only available to publishers. The two function based on the same technology, so Canvas can be used for a more seamless blog or article experience that functions directly within Facebook just like an Instant Article.

5. Target Within a Mile Radius

Facebook’s geo-targeting can get remarkably specific. Most times, advertisers aren’t going to want to get any more targeted than a 10 mile radius. However, for the rare times that you want to target a smaller radius, be aware that is possible. You can’t target a one mile radius around a town or city, but if you find a street or address, you’re able to target within a mile radius of that point on a map.

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