June 6, 2016

5 Pinterest Facts You Need to Remember


Impressive growth with no signs of stopping — the outlook for Pinterest appears to be as bright as ever. That being said, many social media companies remain hesitant to dedicate a large portion of their social media budget to the network. There are two primary reasons for this: lack of knowledge and lack of resources.

In my opinion, it remains one of the hardest social networks to build and maintain a presence on, but when you succeed, the benefits are well worth the effort. Whether you’re exploring the possibilities of Pinterest or re-evaluating your current strategy, here are five statistics to remind you why Pinterest is certainly worth your consideration.

1. The average Pinterest user stays on the platform for close to 15 minutes at a time.

14.2 to be exact, but either way, it’s impressive. In an age where people are constantly browsing, clicking, and swiping through websites and apps, commanding their attention for more than one minute feels like a great victory.

2. Pinterest’s user base represents more than a quarter of social networkers and nearly 20% of all internet users.

When you look at the top social networks, Pinterest is inherently unique in its features and in the way it allows brands to market content. This “uniqueness” is what helps the network continue to grow.

3. 85% of Pinterest users are female.

If you have ever wished for a way to reach a predominately female audience, Pinterest is your dream come true. Pinterest has become a key source for women to discover, learn, and inspire.

4. The average order value of sales coming from Pinterest is $50 higher than any other major social network.

This is a network of avid consumers with a high purchase intent. Pinterest users are looking to spend money on the things they discover, so make sure your products are desirable, discoverable and easy to purchase.

5. 75% of everyday Pinterest traffic arrives through mobile apps.

All roads lead to Pinterest. As users continue to shift to mobile, Pinterest has continued to optimize its platform — including its most recent update in April.

These facts are not necessarily new, but they are important to remember when deciding which social networks are right for your brand and realizing the potential of Pinterest.

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