December 20, 2016

How To Write The Perfect Social Media Bio

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You are a beautiful, unique, special snowflake — and you’re being tasked with summarizing all of what makes you amazing in just a few sentences. You have to strike the right balance between personality, professionalism, originality, and humor — sometimes in just 160 characters. It’s stressful, it’s daunting, and (according to The New York Times) it’s an “art form.”

Never fear. Here are five steps for how to write the perfect social media bio.

1. Be concise.

Brevity is key on social media. Twitter, for example, gives only 160 characters to describe yourself. Obviously, you won’t be able to express every single personality trait or accomplishment — nor should you. Your bio is simply an introduction, a snapshot that represents the most important information someone should know about you. (Not to get too existential, but you must first define who you are and/or how you want to present yourself online.) Approach your bio as you would a title or headline: using clarity and focus. Get right to the point.

2. Be original.

The constraints of social media are a blessing in disguise; forcing yourself to be brief can allow for even greater creativity. Use this as your chance to say something new. Avoid overused buzzwords (you know the ones I’m talking about: “creative,” “innovative,” “expert”) and write copy that really stands out among the rest. (Note: Sometimes this is accomplished with a bit of humor. Please attempt responsibly.)

Hillary Clinton's Twitter bio

3. Be flattering.

Go on, brag a little. Set yourself apart from all the other “marketing gurus” and “aspiring writers.” Tell others what you’ve done rather than describe how you’d like to be perceived. Highlight your accomplishments by specifically referencing the work that you’re doing or projects that you’ve been a part of. On Twitter, show your value by listing various contributions. On LinkedIn, take snippets of your resume, making sure to use action verbs.

Ben Greenman's Twitter Bio


4. Be targeted.

Connect your profile to others by using hashtags, tags, and links. On Twitter, tag your company, alma mater, and other networks. Use searchable hashtags to represent your passions. Make sure to use words specific to your particular niche (“blogger,” “strategist,” “designer”) that will attract others like you.

5. Be human.

As always, authenticity is important. So just be yourself. Use the first person to appear more approachable. Add elements that create your true personality: hobbies, interests, fun facts, and personal anecdotes. Include at least one detail that sparks a bit of intrigue and will make you memorable.

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