November 16, 2016

Likeable Profile: Mikey Dunn, Community Manager

Jaime Napier

Community Manager @TheMikeyDunn


Social media is a constant conversation, and Mikey has helped brands do everything from celebrate wins to manage crises. I interviewed Mikey in order to highlight a bit of his wisdom, as well as his fun personality.

Jaime: How long have you been at Likeable Media?

Mikey: As a part-time Assistant Community Manager (ACM), one year and one month. As a full-time Community Manager (CM), almost two years. I’ve seen a lot of great change and growth at Likeable since I’ve started!

What great changes have you seen that has made Likeable even more likable?

I think we’ve done a lot of cool innovative things. One example would be when canvas ads came along. They became the main focus of one of our accounts that spread across the whole company! I’ve lost count of how many canvas ads we’ve done since then. The ability for us to try something new, become experts on it, and translate it to our clients is pretty legit.

Even something as simple as the blog — when I was an ACM and I had down time, I would read the blog to catch up on what was happening in the industry. In the last year it has changed so much. Now, we have listicles, videos, and even interviews!

Describe your path to Likeable:

I was on track to graduate a semester early from college, but I hadn’t had an outside internship yet. One of my most valuable takeaways from college was that I needed an internship for experience before getting out into the real world. So, I decided that over winter break I was going to apply to everything! I went on LinkedIn, searched social media marketing in NYC, and I found the job opening that our Talent Director put up for an Assistant Community Manager. Apparently, it had been posted only a few days prior, so I feel like it was fate that I found it.

My interviewer was late for our call because he got stuck on the subway, so I had ten minutes of total panic — but it went really well, and the rest is history!

Why did you choose social media instead of traditional media?

I love tech. Before I got invested in social media marketing, I used to be super focused on the latest iPhone release or the newest feature. I know a lot of people talk about Steve Jobs, but he really did have a big impact on my life. When I was in middle school, I would study his key note speeches and would try to emulate him. It always worked — I was told that I had a good sense of pacing. I presented things visually, and was really passionate. I guess you can consider me an early adopter: When something new comes out, I have to have it. I was super excited about social media — I realized that it tied into what I was studying in school: marketing. While marketing has so many facets, social media really made the most sense.

Why do you think community management is important to brands?

A CM does a lot of things for a brand. We’re the person on the internal agency team that is client-facing, but also public-facing. Whenever someone posts, comments, or tweets, we’re the person who helps the person out. The CM needs to know the branding, the tone, the appropriate response (whether it’s what to say or not to say in a simple response or a question for more direction), and insight on audience reactions.

A great thing about working for a social media agency is that we have experience with other brands. I could be responding for a storage company one minute, and then for a baking company in the next. There are also many tools available for social media and community management that they’re always updating. Having someone to keep up with these things for you is invaluable!

What makes a good CM?

CMs need to like their jobs. It’s not easy sometimes! Especially when you get thrown into a crisis. No matter what your job is, a crisis is when your maturity and your experience shows. Most of the time, CM work is a lot of fun, but there are times where you have to be very careful with what you do, whether you’re making a plan or just being patient.

You have to be organized, because you may have lots of different accounts. We’re also responsible for posting content — scheduling photos and gifs all while responding to comments and questions from the brand communities. Manage time well, be enthusiastic about the work, and be adaptable! You don’t want to sound the same across brands, so you need to be able to flip the switch.

If someone wanted to follow in your footsteps, what recommendations do you have for them?

Personal brand is important — it shows you’re qualified to CM for a brand if you can do it for yourself. Keep your usernames consistent, and keep your profile consistent, clean, and appropriate, but have fun with it, too. My advice: Brace for communication with the client. That was a learning curve for me. In college you learn to email professionally, but once you’re in the thick of it, you’ll need to be able to articulate complex new social media technologies and processes that clients may have never heard of before. Communication is key!

You are notorious for your love of emojis. What is your favorite emoji-themed item?

I’ll say my ? emoji pillow. I think because of the sheer size of it — it’s the largest emoji item I’ve seen. I keep it near my desk at work. I notice that some people like to pick it up and hug it, sit with it, or flip it around in their hands. It’s great, and it’s a great conversation starter. I also use that particular emoji a lot. Responding with it alone is great, because it’s all you need to do!

What is your most used emoji?

Let me go into my phone and see, officially, what my most used emoji is. It’s the crying/laughing face. I consider it my personal “LOL.” My second is thumbs up because Likeable! Third is the sparkle. The sparkle appeals to me as an anime fan. It just makes everything cuter and less serious.

Likeable follows the Enneagram, a personality test that assigns the numbers 1-9 along with associated personality traits. What’s your Enneagram number, and what does that mean?

I’m a six! I was the only six in the office for a while. It boils down to security and that is so me. I’m the person that double and triple checks everything because I want to make sure everything is set and nothing falls through the cracks. Before we kick off a campaign, or before the weekend, I need to know that all questions have been answered and all the boxes have been ticked. It’s great because we avoid mistakes and are super prepared, but on the other side of the coin, it can really stress me really out!

What is your favorite conference room at Likeable?

I’ll go with Library. I’ve had some good client calls in that room, and some really positive memories in there. It also has all the cool stuff from people’s travels — “Likeable Treasures!”

What’s your favorite snack in the Likeable Kitchen?

I eat Cheerios almost daily here at Likeable. I have my routine: come in, check my email and pages, and then eat breakfast! I eat simple, classic, All-American Cheerios in my favorite green bowl.

Any final thoughts on your life at Likeable?

Every day when I go to work and I’m in the office, I’ll have a moment where I think: “Wow, I’m so lucky I work for this really cool, fun agency with all these cool people.” There are these moments when the whole office just joins in on a funny situation. Like when one of our pods got a Betta fish and made a live stream for it. The whole office was talking about whether this fish, named Hooba
stank, would live or die. I don’t really see that happening at your typical 9-5 office. Stuff like that makes work a lot of fun, and I just love all these people, in and out of the office.

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