May 4, 2016

Snapchat Geofilters: How Can Social Media Marketers Use Them?


Most social media platforms have in-depth metric systems, allowing brands to track their fans and online actions.

Snapchat, however, falls short in this area with its relatively new custom geofilters. For brands and content marketing agencies creating their own filters, the metrics reported include just two things:

  1. How many times the filter was used?
  2. How many times the filter was viewed?

Note: Point 2 includes whenever someone swipes through the filter or receives a snap with the filter. The results are lumped into one sum.

However, there are many benefits to Snapchat that go beyond the limited metric. If you’re on the fence as to whether using geofilters is worth your brand’s time, the answer is definitely YES! The shortage of reliable metrics makes conversations hard to track, but the benefits of the platform outweigh the lack of measurements. Here are a few reasons why:


As the fanbase of Snapchat grows, brands can run filters in specific areas where they would like to expand awareness. Swiping through the filter reminds users of what is available in their area—and more importantly reminds them of a product or service that is staying current.


Geofilters are an excellent way for consumers to engage with the brand and for non-consumers to begin their journey. If consumers spend time using and engaging with the geofilter, they are more likely to remember the brand name and purpose.


Snapchat is growing rapidly, and it’s attracting a younger audience that might engage less often with other platforms. For brands to appeal to a broader audience, they need to build innovative content. In addition to videos and still images, geofilters allow brands to showcase different sides of themselves through a new type of content.

Announcements and Live Events

A key aspect of innovation resides in how a brand showcases itself. Snapchat is an excellent platform for announcing brand occasions and projecting live events. Unlike live feeds on other platforms, brands can showcase the most exciting moments in real-time through Snapchat. Videos are becoming more commonplace, and geofilters are catapulting them forward. Snapchat is an excellent continuation and example of how content constantly changes.

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