July 11, 2016

Three Benefits of Instagram’s New Call to Action Enhancement

Instagram is always evolving and growing, as they increase users and generate more advertising dollars. The newest change? The platform just recently announced an enhancement on the CTA button that previously appeared at the lower right hand corner of a post. The CTA button is now positioned to appear across the bottom of the entire ad. With this update, now may be the perfect time for your company to start using the platform for social media marketing. Here are a few reasons why.

1. Better User Experience

Instagram has seen very high engagement rates since it started, because it has always been an engagement-focused platform. Consumers are often unaware that sponsored ads link to a landing page or a product. With the new CTA enhancement, consumers will recognize advertisements more easily and be aware of what next steps to take. This reduces the confusion and makes for a better user experience.

2. Increased Website Traffic

The majority of clicks from Instagram come from CTA buttons, and this enhancement will hopefully help increase click-through rates moving forward. As Instagram is evolving as a platform with more relevant metrics, stronger CTAs, and advertising tools, we will likely see an increase in web traffic.

3. More CTAs

With such a big emphasis on CTAs and sales, Instagram knows traffic is tough to come by and are willing to take measures to improve this area. Look forward to seeing Call to Actions more frequently in the coming months. Instagram is starting to rival Facebook in terms of its capabilities and advertising metrics.

This is one of many Instagram features being released in the market. They are looking to make a splash on the advertising platform the next few months.

Tags: Instagram Ads, Social Media Content

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