June 16, 2016

Website Retargeting Enhancements Make Facebook Advertising Even Stronger


Pop quiz: When you’re advertising your product to an audience, what target is most likely to produce the desired result? Answer: People already familiar with your brand.

For that reason, Facebook’s Website Custom Audiences have always been a crucial tool in an advertiser’s arsenal. The ability to retarget people who have visited your site in the past allows you to reach those familiar with your brand without requiring a large number of page likes or asking for email addresses.

With recent changes from Facebook, this already-powerful tool has gotten even better. Now, you can be even more creative with your audiences and really customize them to suit your advertising needs.

When setting up a Website Custom Audience, you can now create audiences based on the frequency that someone visits your site, a person’s device type, or on pixel events.

Finally, Facebook is allowing you to differentiate people who visit your website by just how valuable they are. Someone who visited your page one time 20 days ago likely isn’t as valuable as somebody who visited a handful of times over the past week. You have the ability now to reach those high-frequency visitors by looking at how many times they have visited over a selected time-frame.

This can be done for specific pages on your site, as well. Want to reach people who keep coming back to your careers page? You can do that. Maybe someone who comes back day-in and day-out to fill out a sweepstakes form on your site? Go ahead and reach them with Facebook ads!

Equally as valuable is the new ability to target people who have taken certain events. With the old conversion pixels, you couldn’t make a custom audience of people who took a specific action on your site (though you could make a lookalike audience). Now that Facebook has moved to an all-in-one pixel model, you can create audiences of people who have made purchases on your site, or registered for your newsletter, or added something to a shopping cart but didn’t buy, or used the search tool, and so on.

Also highly-convenient: You can create custom combinations of website visitors with these tools and others. Targeting people who visit one page, but not another. People who last visited your site 5-10 days ago. People who have viewed their shopping cart multiple times recently, but haven’t actually bought anything. Once you create these audiences, you can even use Audience Insights to get an overview of the demographics and behaviors of people within them.

While Website Custom Audiences had always been powerful, Facebook is strengthening these tools even further by allowing you to customize who you are targeting to fit specific ad content. With a bit of creativity, you can reach a whole new level of Facebook advertising!

Tags: Facebook, Strategy, Tools

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