November 30, 2016

Where Can Brands Start with Good Content?

What can marketers do to jump-start quality ideas?

We sat down with Allison Casey, Senior Art Director at Likeable Media, to talk about what puts the “quality” in quality content.

In your opinion, what’s the best way to start an idea? A brainstorm? A list? How do you get started?

I think the most important thing is really understanding the goal we are trying to accomplish. Briefs are a great thought starter. The research and thought that’s put into them really gets you into the head of your consumer and makes you understand what they want out of it. If you don’t understand your audience, you’re never going to come up with a great idea. I like to go about it as a problem-solving exercise. We want these people to do these things. How can we make that happen?

When dreaming up big ideas, do you start with tactics or concepts first?

You always need to start with the concept. A big idea should be able to be executed a million different ways. So if you start with the tactics first, you are setting yourself up for a bad strategy. Tactics are a vessel for the message, but coming up with the message is more important.

Which is more important: copy or design?

Great content happens when good design and good copy come together.

We keep hearing that video will be even bigger in 2017. What is your hope for video content?

I’m really interested to see where low-fi video content lives. With Instagram stories and live video, I think there are a lot of interesting things that can be done. For years advertising was all about high production value video, with months of planning. But now with these instant video options, brands need to be creative with their content.

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