April 25, 2017

3 Mistakes You’re Making on Instagram

Oh, Instagram. It’s every art director’s favorite social media platform for its simple interface and environment for showcasing the most aesthetically pleasing elements of our lives.

Since its launch, we’ve seen brands leverage the platform in more ways than one, especially with the new shoppable feature and Business Profiles. Setting yourself or your brand up for Instagram success seems like it should be a breeze, but alas, there are a few key mistakes I’ve seen more often than not.

1. Key Profile Elements Missing

Bios, profile pictures, URLs, OH MY! Adding your brand logo to your profile picture is a simple step that seems to be overlooked. Sure, a product shot may be a nice showcase, but pair that with a post that appears in another user’s feed and it’s easy for your brand to be overlooked.

Adding website URLs to your profile gives users an easy way to access your content outside of your Instagram page. The good ‘ol “link in bio” trick is still proven to work and can drive valuable traffic.

Your bio is usually—other than a photo post—the first thing people will see from your brand on Instagram. It serves as an introduction to users and often can determine whether or not they’ll follow your account or take another form of action. Bios should accurately describe what it is that you do and help personify your brand.

2. Native Features Neglected

Location tagging and hashtags are key on Instagram. Users can tap into these features as queries to their searches and easily land on your photo or page in seconds. If you have an office or are a part of a franchise model, location tagging is a simple way to share your presence in a community, attract new visitors/employees, or increase engagement on your profile.

Adding the right hashtag (or combination of hashtags) can expose your brand to specific audiences and make you more discoverable. Always check which hashtags your competitors are using or which hashtags are common in the industry you are trying to target.

By allowing yourself to be more discoverable, you’ll attract new followers and increase overall engagement on your page.

3. Content is King

It’s hard to hide this fact, but Instagram is all about aesthetic. Sharing the best looking images you have and captivating the audience though a single image is key. Beautiful images are native to the platform, so photos that are not necessarily pleasing to the eye do not go unnoticed.

Instagram is a great platform to showcase what your brand really looks like. What colors are predominant? How does your branding translate to photography? Use the channel as an opportunity to truly create a visual identity for your brand outside of just a logo.

Original photos are what users come to expect in their feeds. Steer clear from re-purposing images from other channels or using vector-based images that will stand out as outliers.

Bonus Tip

Check out Instagram Stories! They’re a great way to provide real-time updates and share quick, quippy posts with your followers. Read Likeable Media’s previous post to learn why your brand should use Instagram Stories over Snapchat.

Tags: Best Practices, Content Marketing, Instagram, Strategy

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