May 11, 2017

Introducing New Social Media Playbooks


In 2016, Likeable Media launched our Social Media Playbook product, a comprehensive, bespoke guide to everything a brand needs to do on social media to drive business results. Response has been so overwhelmingly positive that we have expanded our Playbook offering into a full suite of options.

Product Launch Social Media Strategy Playbook:

New products mean new target audiences and new approaches to social media. Using our deep expertise in all things social media, we assess opportunities, size potential audiences, and estimate performance to put together a recommendation on which platforms to use, and how to use them to launch a new product. We also develop sophisticated content strategies and pair them with best in class paid distribution plans to ensure results.

Franchisee Social Media Playbook:

One of the frequent challenges we hear from franchise-model clients is that their individual franchisee social media channels are not on brand, not delivering results, and not operating at scale. The Franchisee Social Media Playbook offers a customized plan that will enable franchisees to start using social at scale. We dig deep into your brand’s goals, the franchisee’s wants, and the target audience’s needs to develop a simple, turnkey solution that satisfies all three. To ensure that these efforts can be managed and measured centrally, we will audit and assess all currently available enterprise tools that best fit your needs.

eCommerce Social Media Playbook:

Social Media offers one of the best digital opportunities to drive direct purchases from your target customer. The eCommerce Social Media Playbook is a customized guide to how your brand should be using social to drive online sales. We pair sophisticated content testing strategies with best in class paid plans to enable rapid iteration and ongoing optimization.

Network Specific Playbooks:

Whether embarking on the launch of a new network or a pivot in strategy, Likeable Media recognizes the need for comprehensive strategic approaches to specific network strategies. Looking to launch an Instagram account to showcase your product? Think Pinterest can be a driver of qualified leads? Ready to jump into the uncharted waters of Snapchat?

Likeable Media’s network-specific playbooks are customized guides to everything your brand should be doing on a specific platform right now, both content and paid, to drive business results. Our overarching plan answers the whys and the hows, and establishes a role for the network that complements everything else you’re doing on social.

Platforms covered include:

  • Instagram Social Media Playbook
  • Pinterest Social Media Playbook
  • Snapchat Social Media Playbook
  • LinkedIn Social Media Playbook
  • Twitter Social Media Playbook

Likeable Media is one of the first pure-play social media agencies ever established. Our team understands the rapidly changing social media landscape. Based on work with hundreds of brands, the agency has developed a three-step process for success in social media. The
Likeable Content Cubed™ method uses social insights to develop and promote digital branded content that generates business results. Our method allows us to produce high-quality content for you quickly — and to easily show its impact on your business. Based in New York City, Likeable Media is currently ranked eleventh on Crain’s Best Places to Work NYC. People love working here, and that’s just one small part of what makes us such a likeable team.

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