March 15, 2017

Ariel Jordan of CENTURY 21 on All The Social Ladies

Ariel Jordan has had quite the career, starting as an NBC Page in an incredible program where she was exposed to many amazing television shows and opportunities. From there, she went into the publishing space during a time when it was rapidly changing. She finally landed at one of the largest Fortune 500 brands around, Century 21. Take a listen and hear the story of her career and her approach to social media.


Key Topics

  • The Story of Ariel’s Career
  • Shifting Career Verticals
  • Measuring Success

What made you move from the media world to real estate? What opportunity did you see in shifting verticals?

When I was at Time, Inc, there was a ton of opportunity to learn. I was involved in a lot of different areas such as managing the social corporate handles, internal communications and supporting external communications but at the end of the day, the messaging needs to complement each other. So when I was ready to leave Time, Inc, I knew that I had three areas of interest that I felt I excelled at or that could have an opportunity for growth. My main interest at the time was social and internal communication so I was looking for an opportunity that would fit into this mold and I was eager to try a different industry because I felt that it would give me a very different perspective on business and also give me the chance to apply my skillset to this new industry. When I came to Century 21, it was very communications focused but I was looking at it through the guise of, “how can we make this more digital or more social and engaging?” It’s a somewhat complex organization in the way that you communicate and who you communicate with because it’s a franchise structure. You have your corporate staff, your brokers/agents (who don’t have to listen to you but if you’re putting out quality content, it’s in their interest) and your consumers and the question becomes, how do you effectively manage those audiences and make sure you’re putting out the best content for them?

How do you manage and approach social at Century 21?

The base of it is, you need a really sound point to make and it grows from there. There’s written communications, video communications, mobile text messaging and we have a blog that serves as a hub for all the communications content that we do so arguably everything feeds into there and that then gives us a good launch point to effectively put out those external messages. As long as everything is synced up, I believe it makes for a good process from start to end; start being the internal side and the end being the social side. Even if the message might need to shift a little bit, if it’s done right, it can have really good success!

Key Sound Bites

“The biggest way that we can stand and say that we’re successful is to do with the level of engagement and reach that we have.”

“The base of a successful approach to social, is in my opinion, having a really sound point to make and growing from there.”

“There is a lot of value to unplugging when you work in the social space.”


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