January 24, 2017

Dos & Don’ts of Incorporating Influencers into Your Campaign

Jessica Chen

Utilizing influencers continues to be the latest and greatest marketing tool across all industries in 2017. As a study by McKinsey revealed, “marketing-induced consumer-to-consumer word of mouth generates more than twice the sales of paid advertising.” Influencer marketing allows brands to connect with consumers through a trusted source in a more organic, targeted, and direct way.

Are you planning or launching a campaign that could benefit from incorporating an influencer component? Here are a few key points to keep in mind to ensure your campaign is set up for success.

Don’t: Limit Yourself to a Strict Budget

One mistake in the preparation phase is setting a budget and then finding influencers to match it. This could result in missed opportunities. Avoid this pitfall by maintaining a flexible budget for influencers; allow yourself to allocate more or less spend easily. You may be fortunate enough to identify and connect with more candidates than you had planned, or you may discover opportunities to expand upon your content. Having the ability to pivot within budget accordingly will greatly improve your campaign.

Do: Have a Backup Plan

All too often, life gets in the way. Influencers might have last minute personal conflicts that cause your agreed-upon contract to be delayed or altered. Always prepare for a “worst-case scenario,” whether that includes launching a second wave of your influencer push or posting your own backup content instead.

Don’t: Forget to Consider All Options

It’s important to ensure that the influencers you partner with represent your brand and have similar interests or priorities as your audience. In some cases, the best way to ensure this is to identify potential candidates one by one. However, be sure to take some time to research blogger networks and groups of influencers as well. These networks are frequently centered on one central theme or passion, and if aligned with yours, can serve as efficient options with ready-made processes.

Do: Take Extra Time to Prepare

Once your plans and contracts are squared away, set aside time to make sure you are fully prepared. Do you need separate coupon codes, giveaways packages, or tracking links for each influencer’s content? Putting in the extra effort now to ensure all of these are properly set up will allow you to easily monitor the campaigns, analyze performance, and replicate success in the future.

The number of brands utilizing influencers is growing rapidly, and for good reason: influencer campaigns are effective ways to maximize word-of-mouth marketing in a powerful way. With some extra thought and flexibility, influencer marketing can be a top-performing initiative for any brand.


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